The writer for those who do good.

Are you a nonprofit organization? Are you a socially conscious company serving the nonprofit community?

Then, we might be made for each other.

In a decade of experience in nonprofit leadership and development, I learned firsthand the beautiful relationship that nonprofits and their for profit vendors share.

Nonprofit. For profit. These are just legal or financial terms.

The bottom line for all of us? We’re trying to do a little good in the world.

As a professional copywriter, I leverage my background in the nonprofit sector to help my nonprofit and for profit clients create fresh copy and relevant content for their audiences.

Let’s do some good together.

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Examples of projects I write for.

Recent Projects

“I’m very impressed with Joseph’s effort of  “digging in” to gain a thorough understanding of our products, services and target audiences. His friendly attitude, sense of humor, and commitment makes him a trusted member of our team.”
Mayra Walters, TechSano
“Joseph did a fantastic job of learning about JA Dallas, interviewing our constituents and telling their story in a meaningful and powerful message.  I highly recommend his services for other organizations.”
Jan Murfield, Junior Achievement
“Joseph provides professional writing skills based on solid client research, well thought out development, and excellent content delivery always on time.”
Edward Phillips, IPM Advancement

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