It’s not just what you do that matters.

It’s what you say.

After several years of serving in several faith-based organizations, I officially began my career in nonprofit leadership as a  pastor in North Central Ohio.

For the first two years, everything was great.

Until we ran out of money.

You see, no one told me fundraising was a part of the deal. I had to do something to keep the doors open.

I joined the Association of Fundraising Professionals, took their courses, read the stuffy textbooks, and then I discovered…


It changed everything.

Ana and me when I was a pastor.

My wife and I when I was a pastor in Ohio.

Zip line at a leadership retreat.

What do you do when you increase annual giving by 13%? Take your leaders on a retreat, that’s what.

It’s the results you’re getting.

I began to take copywriting courses from master nonprofit copywriters Karen Zapp, B2B copywriters Steven Slaunwhite and Ed Gandia, and other copywriting courses from Bob Bly and Michael Masterson.

Once I learned the techniques, I started implementing them on our website and direct mail fundraising program.

My copy had a distinct storytelling component because of my experience writing and telling stories in my sermons. I also had been writing screenplays and stage plays as an amateur script writer.

It all worked.

The numbers came in — annual giving rose by 13%! We did it again the following year, too.

I wondered if I could duplicate my success.

So, I opened up Fresh Idea Copywriting in 2011, and I’ve been raising donations and profits for my clients ever since.

International students at the higher education institute I served at.

It’s who you do it with.

Not too long after, one of my nonprofit clients asked me to come onboard as a development officer.

In 2013, I began working on a team with 300 employees at a higher education institute in Dallas, Texas.

While serving there, I gained experience in nonprofit budgeting, purchasing procedures, database management, moves management and other advanced fundraising principles, and met numerous for profit vendors along the way.

I began to realize that each of the vendors I worked with was on a mission of their own.

I realized I wasn’t alone in my desire to make the world a better place.

It’s the mission you care about.

Feeling a great debt of gratitude to the for profit vendors who educated me in my craft, worked with me through problems, and helped me increase my value to my nonprofit, I began actively writing for companies that served nonprofits.

You see, we’re all in it for more than the money.

Sure, we all need the money. Sales have to be made. Donations need to be given.

But all of that is simply fuel for the real reason we’re all here, both for profit and nonprofit alike.

We’re here to do some good.

If you need a writer to help you do more good in the world, let’s talk.

What would having an experienced writer on your team do for your next project?

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