White Paper Plans

The Key to Consistent, Highly Effective White Papers

Marketing leaders agree: White papers are the foundation of an effective content marketing plan.

“There is no substitute for well-researched, well-thought-through points of view on issues that really matter to your customers. If you don’t take the time to do that, it doesn’t matter what format you are using. It just won’t be effective.” – Rob Leavitt, Director of Thought Leadership at PTC

Unfortunately, most companies that start white paper projects never finish them.

Internal politics, misalignment of goals, lack of executive buy-in—these are just a few common project killers.

But organizations that take the time to create white paper plans enjoy a huge marketing and logistical advantage over their competitors.

White paper plans load all the planning at the start, avoiding unnecessary decision-making down the road.

White paper plans make writing, design, and distribution flow uninterrupted to completion.

White paper plans are relatively quick to produce and are a cost-effective way to mitigate the risk of a long content project gone wrong.

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Build Success into Your White Paper

To get your plan up and working for you, I help you bring together all the stakeholders in the project to talk about:

  • Goals of the document
  • Target audience(s)
  • How the white paper fits into your sales or donor cycle
  • SEO keywords
  • List of reviewers who’ll need to sign off on the project
  • Possible research sources
  • Previous examples to be used as a benchmark
  • Who’ll do design and graphics
  • Deadlines
  • Project budget and payment terms
  • Type of white paper to be written
  • Potential titles
  • Call to action at the end
  • Overview of the content

I’ll then give you a multipage document laying out the details, my suggestions for moving forward, and a firm quote for completing your project.

Gaining consensus on all of these items and documenting it in the white paper plan builds success into your white paper project.

Set Yourself Up for Success

For $750 my planning service gives your white paper project the best chance of success.

With this minimal investment, you increase the odds of reaching your goals:

  • Generate leads for your business
  • Create buzz around your brand
  • Close more sales
  • Build awareness of your cause
  • Boost the impact of your mission

More than that, you’ll avoid the frustration of a massive content project gone awry.

With your plan, I’ll include my firm quote to create your finished white paper.

Then, you’re free to choose how to move forward. You can hire me, hire a trusted writer who knows your industry, or use your in-house resources to create your white paper.

No matter what you decide, your investment in planning will save you money and guarantee better results.

What would having a solid white paper plan do for your next project?

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